Are you up multiple times at night?

Are you confused by sleep books

and friend’s and family’s advice?

 Is bedtime a struggle for your baby?

Is your child only taking short naps?

Are you just exhausted?

Let's get started

I'm Abigail Cannon, L.Ac. and as the mother of two children I know firsthand how essential sleep is - to you and your baby! I want to help you and your baby sleep through the night, enjoy your days, and find the fun in your unique relationship by getting the rest you all need.

How does it work?

In an initial consult we'll talk about:

  • your child's current sleep habits and challenges 

  • your goals and parenting style 

Then, I'll create a Sleep Plan for your family. Once you start using the plan, we stay in contact via phone and email to track your child's sleep, troubleshoot any problems, adjust the plan, and celebrate your successes!

What is a Gentle Sleep Coach?

A Gentle Sleep Coach is you and your child’s biggest advocate. As a Gentle Sleep Coach, I don’t want your child to cry any more than you do. That is why I encourage parents to make a gradual change that allows you to stay with your child and offer both verbal and physical reassurance during the sleep coaching process. This helps both parent and child to adjust while your child learns how to sleep.


"Charlie is sleeping like a champ and Russ has started staying in his bed at nap time and bedtime…hooray! Thank you so much for your above and beyond help and support. I am so grateful for everything you have done for our family, it has truly helped my quality of life tenfold."

— Jenn, B.

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