Abigail Cannon, L.Ac. brings a clinician's training and a mother’s experience to her work creating gentle sleep solutions for babies and families.

Abigail received her master's degree in Chinese Medicine. Her years treating prenatal and postpartum mothers as well as assisting women in child birth gave her a deep respect for the importance of a woman's heath and well being to that of her family. Much of what inspires her work to get children and families sleeping well is her conviction that rested parents are happy parents and happy parents have happy children - sleep is good for everyone!


Abigail believes firmly in the importance of age-appropriate, medically sound, and psychologically sensitive sleep coaching. Her techniques, methods, and advice are informed by the most current research on and well-rounded approaches to healthy sleep for children.


Abigail now helps families up and down the West Coast get the best sleep possible. She is committed to getting to know each family's unique personality and needs to formulate a plan that gets everyone sleeping better FAST! When not working with babies and their families, she can be found playing in the mountains, on the trails, and on the river near her home in Bend, Oregon.

Gentle Sleep Coach Advanced Program (January 2016)

"Abigail's approach to sleep coaching is extremely thoughtful, gentle, and kind. She took the time to really listen to and respond to what my daughter was doing throughout the process. My two girls had quite different challenges, and Abigail helped us address our second as an individual. Her guidance was clear, yet full of understanding of the challenges of having a young baby." 

— Antonia F.

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