In the Research: Late nights 'sap children's brain power'

The BBC News recently published an article highlighting new research on the effect of late bedtimes and inconsistent sleep routines on children's brains. I often tell people that I love what I do because I care about keeping children healthy and happy. Great sleep is great for children's health!

Tricks for: Early Mornings 2

I don't love using 'withhold or reward' strategies for toddler sleep challenges (I generally steer clear of them in parenting, too). These strategies consist of withholding something your child wants until they perform the desired behavior or rewarding the desired behavior with a treat. Using these strategies usually sounds something like this: "If you don't stay in your bed, I am taking your (books, toy, movies, desert for the week) away" or "If you stay in your bed, I will take you for an ice cream treat tomorrow." The reason I don't generally like using these tactics is because they are manipulative, a form of bribery, and they teach our children to depend on rewards rather than to act fr

Tricks for: Early Mornings 1

The Onaroo Teach Me Time Clock is the simplest and most effective tool I have found for smart toddlers (and their parents) struggling with early wake times. Yes, this clock can teach your toddler time with buttons that talk, but the best feature is ability to set the hour at which it turns into a night light and the hour at which it turns green - the indication to your child that it's ok to get out of bed! Let me repeat that: This light turns green at the hour you determine it's OK for you child to get out of bed (or their room). At our house, every bed time cuddle and hug closes with, "See you when your light turns green". Try it!

Mommy Mingle Event

Thank you to all the Mamas that came to mingle! The 2nd Anual Bend Moms 4 Moms Mommy Mingle was a huge success and I had a WONDERFUL time talking with so many mothers of children of all ages about their sleep questions. It was an honor to participate in an event that raised THOUSANDS for Family Access Network. And Moms, remember to check in for answers to the sleep questions you left on Friday night!

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