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Relax: It's summer!

Ready? I am about to contradict the most basic tenant of sleep training.

It's ok to break your sleep schedule. Want me to repeat that? It's ok to break your sleep schedule.

The smiling children above are my children. We were finishing dinner at 7:30, which is usually their bedtime, and the evening was beautiful. The taco place had a small outdoor patio, we had stayed late at our local pool because the cool water felt amazing, and I even had a cold beer while we sat and ate. It took some effort for me to stop thinking about what time it was while we laughed, traded stories about the pool, and picked pieces of taco off our laps but it was SO good to let it go. My children and I had a wonderful evening just letting the time and the nice experience happen. So, if you've got healthy sleep habits established and your bedtime routine works you have earned the flexibility to let it all go. The sun's up late, the food is good, and the feeling of a wonderful time together is as important to everyone's health as a good night's sleep.

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