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Creating Bedtime Routines: Part 3

In this last post of the Creating a Bedtime Routine series, I'd like to give you some important tips for putting your new bedtime routine into practice.

We've covered why and how to make a bedtime routine for your baby in Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series. Be sure to look back at these previous posts if you're just starting the process of creating a peaceful bedtime for your baby.

  • Once you have the elements of your bedtime routine chosen, practice using 1 or 2 of them per night for a while. A new bedtime routine can feel forced and stressful to you and your baby if you try to do too much too fast.

  • Feel free to edit the routine as you go - maybe you decided to sing songs before drawing the curtains the first night, but night two you make the room dark first and then sing. Your bedtime routine is all about creating a comfortable, relaxed feeling for you and your baby before sleep, so just be open to trying new things while it becomes truly your and second nature.

  • Once you have a routine you really like, do it the same way and as consistently as possible every night - even when you travel! Especially when the routine and sleep coaching in general is new to your baby, practicing and keeping things as predictable as possible is best.

  • That said, don't worry when you have to break from your routine. Consistency helps your child become a great sleeper. And babies that are great sleepers can handle straying from the routine and getting back to 'normal' faster and with less drama!

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