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You've got this!

The spring time change doesn't have to make you shiver...

When you haven't got good sleep in months or when you've just started to sleep again after a long haul of exhaustion, any threat to the slivers of rest you get feels HUGE. I remember, almost physically, the fear that Spring and Fall time change stirred in me when my children were babies and toddlers. It's no joke to be tired and try to parent well.

Remember, this retro social custom we're facing in a week is GOOD. It's a sign that warm weather, green shoots, new life, and new growth are on the way. Changing clocks are a tiny distraction from this beautiful transition.

But my joy in life is to help ease your parenting burden by lighting the way to good sleep. So here's what you can do to get through this thing:

1. Slide bedtime back in small increments (10-15 minutes) for 5 nights leading up to the time change. What looks like 7pm on the clock will still feel like 6pm in your baby's body so adjust their internal clock a little in preparation.

2. Focus on your FLEXIBLE but PREDICTABLE schedule and keep on it on the new clock. Wake up and go to sleep close to your baby's pre-time change routine. Routine sends powerful signals to your baby's brain about hunger, sleep, and alertness and will keep them on track.

3. Don't forget the FLEXIBLE part of the above suggestion. Yes, you may need to slide bedtime or nap time back a bit if your baby is waking later. It's ok and it will pass.

4. Get lots of sunshine (if you have it). Sunlight sends signals to your child's brain, too, and helps keep their internal clock of sleepiness and alertness on track with the changing season.

Psssst! All these suggestions can help your sleep too. Don't forget to give yourself the kind of love and attention you know your child deserves - it comes from within YOU ❤️

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